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  1. Geez, what an ungrateful player. Many thanks admin. I'm glad you realized how fcked up our RL was. It would mean a lot to Cora race with that kind of player out of the server.
  2. Who would complain to a dictator?
  3. Go make your own server then. What you want to be, a dictator, isn't gonna recruit more players in the game because it ruins it. You are not eligible to be a ruler with your unstable emotions. You want to be a dictator. Did it ever work even in real life? No one wants a dictator, kid. And you even said you can be HITLER? For god's sake, you are a sociopath, you should at least stay off video games with that mindset of yours.
  4. Thank you @admin for that response. I hope you will not tolerate the behavior of our current RL and pass whatever judgment he deserves.
  5. Multiple account voter..
  6. oh, you're the MAVer, right?
  7. That is plain awful. I hope you realized you just incriminated yourself. You proved that you are not fit to be a leader of any race with that comment of yours.
  8. We need your input on this topic @admin 🍌
  9. Nice reason. Why not "wanted" those whose involved, not everyone in the guild? Even those who are not doing or saying anything gets the wanted status.
  10. A lvl 45 attacking first? Like I said, I got killed lot of times now, during/after Pine Tree event. Not always, but it happens from time to time.
  11. Well, you say that. But I got the stigma I didn't deserve. Anyone who wants to kill me, can and will.
  12. I already said MikhailGorbachev. Just because some of my guildmates are going to bells or whatever mean I get wanted? I got nothing to do with their decision. Even some your guildmates from DeadMouse kills me during or after Pine Tree event. What about that?
  13. What do I have to do with my guildmate's decision? Why would I get wanted status just because of my guildmates? Is it a crime to be in an English speaking guild now?
  14. I don't know what to respond to your comment because I can't understand it even with Russian translation. What I am saying is, why did I got the wanted status if I have nothing to do with your politics? Like I said, I'm new here with almost 1 week play time and yet I got "wanted". I don't know what your problem against my guildmates, and I don't care what it is. Just don't "wanted" indiscriminately.
  15. MikhailGorbachev I'm a solo player and a new/lowbie yet you wanted me. I have nothing to do with your conspiracy theory against our guild. I am a part of Unity because they are the only ENGLISH speaking guild in Cora race.

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