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  1. kolera14324

    Abuse of power

    beginner 1-50 and exploiting vp abuse.. good thing those accounts were banned.. but now he's into it.. again? lmao
  2. kolera14324

    Abuse of power

    they do stuffs "together"... hence the alliance... lmao
  3. kolera14324

    Abuse of power

    same people who wanna ruin the game because of selfish reasons.. surprising, isn't it?... lmao
  4. kolera14324


    he meant to have leon parts be included in dungeon rewards. ...and im curious where do people get leon recipes?
  5. kolera14324

    wrong bonus

    maybe the bonus attack % from your upgrade (keen talic) will only apply to your weapon's base damage? not sure if i got it right.
  6. To : GM Would you consider the prepaid accessories from Gold Shop changed from 6 hrs. to a full 1 day? Thanks. Have a nice day.
  7. cant seem to find it... do you mind?
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