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  1. capleonam

    wrong bonus

    I thought the weapon bonus appeared in the character's stats.
  2. capleonam

    wrong bonus

    Now I understand. You cleared my doubt. thank you!!!!
  3. capleonam

    wrong bonus

    but that's what I want to understand as well, because the +4 sword bonus is the only one that does not work. While the potion and amulets bonus works
  4. capleonam

    wrong bonus

    My complaint is that the weapon's bonus is not working. when I use a defense or attack potion the bonus works. when I wear amulet or ring defense or attack the bonus works. the weapon bonus does not work.
  5. capleonam

    wrong bonus

    the only attack bonus I'm getting is the wild rage aurea
  6. capleonam

    wrong bonus

    My refined sword +4 is saying that it gives a 50% bonus, in fact it does not even reach 5%. Is this wrong?
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