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Donation Information for This server

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i'm from PH just want to ask on about this server

what are the donation information about this server ?

max weapon ? 

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Full info will be later. We testing armor defence module and following the results will be reviewed lvl jade on donate and weapons/armors lvl.

You can donate in any money currency and on any you usable international wallet.

100% it will not be 

no premium account system

no upgraders and no ready upgrade equipments

100% it will be 

Jades for exp + 20% each (in mau not work)

Loot Jade +100% drop 

Exchange Vote Points to gold, ingame unique currency (banker exchange disabled)


Donate currency (Vote Point) also gained from votes on top in private office. Gold have few alternative variables to ingame gain. Donate will go for server ads to improve online.

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18 hours ago, zenki69 said:

how long does it take to credit the donation via gamecp? need response asap

0.1 - 5 hours

You can get it fast, if contact administration pm in discord

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