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  1. Hiya Admin Looks good trying to get some friends to come here and start from scratch. You have always been fair, and decent server. 1 question. Does the wipe wipe only characters, or accounts? Do we carry on voting or not?
  2. Hi, So all that work down the toilet in the space of a year? Can you instead of doing wipes in the future, actually make it proper low rate so people do not reach end game as fast? Because if anyone thinks this server was ever low rate, they never played proper old retail. This is easymode just maybe not as easymode as some of the noob servers out there. _________________________________________________ Answer by administration (just for no flood here) Thanks for your opinion, hope you enjoy reopen competition and call friends. It's not work ? You all just play, it is rest, relax. Without competition and normal online - items in inventory and bank have no matter. Objectivly. Wipe now is necessary, because we do very very many changes. Lower max level, new price pvp items, new starting lvl for unique mau, and many other, waiting announce. Best on lowrate - line on how your character get power at all time and any level. And we better will work on low and medium level content, to do it perfect, and only then on new high level content. So this server start will be interesting in competition. More, that last (if that trash anyone remember ?) RF Online need be pve + pvp orient. So concept RF Banana is well. You need to DO your character from bottom, you can play role, it is easy at all times, and it spend few week to end pve, and few months to be a dragon. We cant get players eternal gameplay, like some mmorpg official localisators. Its cool, and we try this, but do something like "0.0001 exp from monster" is waste you time and really seems like work. We can't see future, but hope, that it will be first and last wipe on RF Banana. We do all we can, to get players good product. Some features will do longer time for pve end game, later will be new updates for expand content.
  3. Tbh after Admins response and the zero posting of any RL on here, as of now will never post again. Seems to most this game is just a pastime.
  4. As for donate I was moved before I even knew it was happening. Ok will pay 20$ in near future. This down time that you didnt even fkin explain. means I did 22 hours solid play to keep roar bell side and didnt even get a council spot. Good going.....As much our amazing useless RLs fault though so..... Sorry but 10 hours down time without even an apology or reason is epic fkin fail.
  5. You have an auto restart scrip t?
  6. Hiya I like this server and my friends do. It takes a lot of hard work to build this. But cannot have server down for 10 hours with no reason. Most players have had enough especially Bellato. Every time they win CW server crashes. I personally belive this relates to that idiot Muromets. I think he has friends doing this because he was banned. He doesnt have the brains to do it. I hope you are well, that life is good etc, and that the server can keep going and do well. If you need help ask for it on the forum. Do not try and pretend that this is normal. Players will leave. I used to be a Dev and a GM and I work from home 24/7. If I can help you in any way ask. But do not delete posts about server crashes, and give genuine reasons why server is down. Then players will be on your side. Players are not stupid. If the reason is the ISP, and its financial which i suspected when you swapped the IP addresses a week ago in the mini launcher, then i suggest you review donations, and the items in the vote shop. Add more time saver donations Maybe add gold bananas to the vote shop for donators. That way if they donate they can get recipe mats instead of only gold. Would save people time farming gold bananas. maybe add clusters too. That way people could donate. Buy clusters. And sell for in game currency like dalant. I posted this to show that I want this server to succeed. We do not know Admins circumstances, and i have run servers, dev on servers and still do in different games. I would love this server to succeed. But I have been in this game for 13 years. Seen many servers fail. I hope the community here supports the admin. But I also hope the Admin is more open with players. Here's to a good future and best wishes to all
  7. Ah i see I am relying on Bing translate lol. Hope you are well. You were always 1 of the decent cora. Its just sad that server is in a downward spiral. 6 of the Bells I know are already looking at a different server. And btw server down now for 9.5 hours. CW missed now in 15 mins so bells lose roar 3 through no fault of their own. Unless there is a very good reason i fear today is the end. Nevermind the fact that RLs couldnt appoint an entire set of councils.
  8. Harmony meant turn the server on I think. It's been down for 6 hours now and its about 8pm russian time, so its weird its still down as noone would still be at work unless on shift patterns. I for one am sick off checking to see if it is back up so thats me done till tomorrow. Bye bye roar 3 bells
  9. Apart from certain things, mainly these crashes and downtimes, this is a good fun server and the Admin has done a brilliant job. My friends in game and I do not want to leave, but certain things are really starting to annoy. Mainly these crashes, and the MAU def issue. When a Cata has half the def of a Goliath, there is no way that the Cata should take 600 damage if the Goliath is only taking 1. The most lethal dps on bellato race cant be used most times in pvp for longer than 20 seconds. Which would be fine on a server of 100s. But not versus 15 players at most. Players like Admin and he seems a very nice guy, but these issues will not go away. He has obviously put in a lot of hard work and time, so not giving up yet. Was annoyed earlier cos I did CW on 2 hours sleep and looked as though was a waste of time and effort. I would love 10 minutes alone in a room with the idiot crashing the server. He wouldn't be doing it again...
  10. Seems we are all good for when the server comes back up as the database is still working, shows no rollback and the winners are clearly the Bellato for 5 days running. Just a waste of the roar and CB buff.
  11. I got up at 4am GMT after 2 hours sleep, and along with 2 other bells did CW to keep Bellatos roar 3 so we didnt lose it. If the server is not back up in the next hour and a rollback happens and we lose it, I know you will lose 1/3 of your active Bellato population. Which would be sad as its a good server apart from this.
  12. * Sorry to have to say this but a lot have left because you do not seem to be able to find the ones doing this and perma ban their arse. Yet can find multiple account voters. Players want to play, and dont want to have their work ruined by ******* who cheat. The fact this happens every damm CW is too much of a coincidence. And also could you fix the broken Palm tree on weekends or stop the message. Getting annoying every weekend hoping it will spawn only to waste time when it doesnt. PS can anyone on whatsapp with a mic which i dont have see if admin is on there and send him a message his server is broke again. Bells arent going to be happy if we lose our level 3 roar we have managed to keep for days, because of server bullshit.
  13. Server down again 2 mins ago right after chip delivery. This is starting to get very old, and its blatantly no coincidence.......Someone is crashing the server probably via some exploit.
  14. Admin is good that way, server is always back up fast, as soon as he knows it has happened. Admin is not at fault here. Thing is I don't think the crashes are admins fault, I think it is someone being an idiot. There are too many coincidences, for example it is always just after a CW chip falls. So if that is the case and Admin finds out someone is doing this, he should ban the culprit for life.